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MrRavinder Pal, also fondly known as “R.P Sir” by his students, has an exemplary record to show for himself in terms of the number of students who have passed CT1 and CT5 exams under his tutelage. He has a knack for simplifying complex material and helping students take in information easily and retain it.

Due to his strong academic background, as evidenced in him having a B.Com(H) degree and a dual Masters’ in Commerce and Economics, he is able to clarify core concepts highlighted in the study material. His past experience as a Senior Actuarial Analyst at a leading multi-national firm helps him combine theoretical arguments with real-world application.

He has completed the entire Core Technical series and is in a good place to offer advice and guidance as to how to study the Core Technical modules and manage study time. He is known to offer useful tricks and tips to help his students study more efficiently. He also happens to be a financial consultant, which allowshim to introduce a flavor of real life risk-management and financial analysis to his teaching.


CT1,CT5 and CT7

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