Lets Make You Awesome in R

R Programming is an integrated approach to the modern data science techniques. This statistical software is enough to cater the growing data needs and fulfill the requirements of businesses. R has been in the market for a long time but the reason of its growing popularity is because it is an open sourced software. There is no deniability that SAS has ruled the market for a long time but today in 2017, the current scenario favors R in comparison to SAS.

The biggest advantage of R over Excel is that R can really handle large datasets which excel cannot handle and owing to the big library of packages, the data analysis or applying various statistical tools becomes a seamless process. Thus, Banking, insurance, retail, Consulting groups, KPOs have started to rely on R and have started trusting this tool for their business analysis.

Below is an image from www.indeed.com/jobtrendsthat is doing a simple comparison between R and the rest of the tools such as Python, SAS and Machine Learning& this can be clearing seen that R is the crowd-puller.


Hence, as a part of Initiative, Sankhyiki is training their actuarial students on Excel, VBA, SQL and R Programming.

From Where Should I Start?

Sounds Familiar, we at Sankhyiki have tailored the learning as per the needs of people coming from diversified walks of life. The USP of this program is not only learning the tools but develop a deeper understanding of data, performing Exploratory Data Analysis, Mining,Extracting Insights including forecasting.

Through this course, we make rigorous efforts to prepare the person industry ready (Data Scientist) and once hired by anyanalytics company, he/she can start working from the day 01.

Why R?

The Big Question that comes into the mind of lots of people is – “Why R?” Here is the answer to this question. Most of the companies do prefer R because it is an open source software and is able to cater to the needs of Data Science people as well as Actuarial professionals. R has variety of packages that help perform no of tasks swiftly. Lately, R has come up with actuarial packages which makes the analysis and number crunching effective and swift.

Benefits of R

  • • Gain Matchless Knowledge in Data Science.
  • • Opens the doors to lots of Opportunities.
  • • Improve your chances in securing a well-paying job in the field of analytics
  • • As per Analytics Survey 2017, a person who has a command over R and knows statistics pretty well can bag a package of 10 lacs.
  • • Scale your career to new heights as it is one of the most sought skill in the market
  • Data-R


Sankhyiki belongs to its students, and its students deserve mentors who are warm, supportive and experienced at what they do.

Akshay Chauhan

Founder & Director

Mr. Akshay Chauhan, has created a name for himself through years of teaching.

Ravinder Pal

(Faculty, CT1,CT5 and CT7)

He has a knack for simplifying complex material and helping students take in information.

Naveen Bhutani

(Faculty, CT2)

Naveen sir is a Chartered Accountant by profession with a Masters’ in Commerce.

Akshay Sharma

(Faculty, CT3 and CT5)

. With a Bachelors' degree in Science and a strong background in Statistics.